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SKU: S49
  • 我們最繽紛🎄最開心🥳的一款電話吊飾





    紅草莓 (愛情之水晶。帶來好人緣)

    橙兔毛 (消除消極情緒)

    金鈦晶 (超強財運湧現)

    黃晶 (偏財運之石)

    綠草莓 (對應心輪,招來快樂情緣)

    海藍寶 (治愈心靈)

    青金石 (對應眉心輪,幫助冥想,緩解焦慮)

    紫晶 (智慧之石,啟發智慧)

    幽靈 (增強事業運,事業一路飆升)




  • All products in this collection were made by hand, and prone to vary and as such, no two pieces are identical.

    Please embrace the unpredictable elements in the collection.

    By considering the handcrafted production process, please allow colour variance occured on each product.

    It is preferable to store your strap in a dry place and far from any heat source.

    We advise you to avoid contact with water and any product containing alcohol, grease or abrasive products in general.